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【演出时间】  2015年06月15日 周一 14:00-21:30  2015年06月16日 周二 14:00-21:30
2015年06月17日 周三 14:00-21:30  2015年06月18日 周四 14:00-21:30
2015年06月19日 周五 14:00-21:30  2015年06月20日 周六 14:00-21:30
2015年06月21日 周日 14:00-21:30  2015年06月22日 周一 14:00-21:30
2015年06月23日 周二 14:00-21:30  2015年06月24日 周三 14:00-21:30
2015年06月25日 周四 14:00-21:30  2015年06月26日 周五 14:00-21:30
2015年06月27日 周六 14:00-21:30  2015年06月28日 周日 14:00-21:30
Café Zarah 鼓楼东大街46号


【时间】6月15日-19日/6月22-26日 14:00-21:30 每天八场 
6月20/21/27/28日 12:00-16:30 每天五场 

Etiquette  / 相请不如偶遇
A Rotozaza Production / 伦敦Rotozaza剧场作品
Mandarin Version produced by DanDan Liang& Penghao Theatre



When the audience is also the star






国际评论/ International Media Press

 “它完全改变了我对剧场的看法,也改变了我对场所的感觉,振奋了我对日常生活的感觉。这个经验日后伴随了我许多年……”——安吉拉·玛托克斯,美国旧金山芳草地艺术中心策展人
“…(It) completely changed my perspective on what theater could be. It was an experience that shifted my sense of place and elevated my sense of the everyday. It was an experience that lingered with me for years...”   —Angela Mattox, curator of Verba Buena center for the Arts, San Francisco

“一次令人惊叹且回味无穷的体验。” ——唐诺·胡特拉 伦敦《泰晤士报》
"A surprisingly meaningful experience."    —— Donald Hutera, The Times

“超现实……在咖啡馆这样的公共场合里创造出一个完全私人的空间,产生了令人意想不到的非凡效果。”                  ——琳恩·加德纳《卫报》

"A hyper-reality... By creating an entirely private space in the public setting of a cafe, something extraordinary happens."  
                                      —— Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

北京体验者的评论/ Beijinger’s comments


 “被声音和音乐带进去,希望把手机扔掉,来一个小时的体验。像在做心理测试 。”
“Let yourself taken by the sound and music, drop your phone, and immerse in the show for an hour. Just like doing a psychological test.”

 “觉得自己变成了傀儡,感觉上,没有自己的空间。”
“I became a puppet, feeling that, losing my private space.”                                          


 “自己有感触的地方会留下记忆,雨水打在手心想起很多自己的事。想到了旅游去过的地方。”
“At certain points the plot aroused my memories, especially when the rain dropped on my hand. It reminded me of the place I’ve been.”

 “音乐有悬疑片的感觉。”
“The music sounds like a suspense film.”

 “新颖的形式!很希望两个人旁边架一台摄影机,能够回过头来看自己演过的戏,看到演戏后的成果。”
“A novel form! Hope that there could stand a camera which shoot the whole process, so that we can watch the acting afterward.”

                                      ——全国独立书店纪录片编导 椽子

 “对面坐着的人很重要!不同的人有不同的互动的气场和感受。不过让我觉得很平静。”
“The one who sit in front of you really makes difference. Different people would bring different atmosphere and feelings. He brought me peace.”

 “有被催眠的感觉——进入一个情境,然后自己消失,然后身体感觉有些发硬。”
“Feeling like being hypnotized— enter into a scene, yourself disappear, and your body hardens.”

 “不知道自己在说什么,很想知道自己在说什么。很有兴趣看别人会怎么演它。”
“I have no idea what I was saying, but I hope I did. It’s interesting to see how other people act.”
                                                ——戏剧疗愈师 陈泠泠

 “期待再激烈些!对方会不会骂我、打我、拥抱我什么的。希望更来劲点儿,刺激下自己,有点大冒险的意思。”
“I expected it to be more intense! Whether my partner would curse, beat, hug me, or something like that. I wish it could be wilder, more piercing, like an adventure.”
                                       ——戏剧《狂人日记》导演 李建军

 “乱乱的感觉,跟不上了。往手上滴水,和下雨的感受融在一起,感觉特别好。”
“It was a chaos and I was lost. Dropping water on my hand was like raining. It felt great.”

 “在猜自己在什么样的环境里。而一旦跟上指令,猜的感觉就少了。”
“I was guessing what kind of milieu I was in. But as soon as I followed the order, I no loner guessed.”

 “希望加入大冒险的元素。我不确定的是:红色的水能喝吗?中间有一段自己是不是要走到门口?”
“Hope more adventures can be added in. One thing I was not sure: was the red water edible? Should I walk to the door in the middle part?”

 “我本人根据耳机指令走到了门口,实际上舞台在桌面上!我站起来时也会怀疑是不是这个意思?不过这个戏本身很大胆,所以自己就按着指令来了。”
“I physically walked to the door following the order, but actually the stage should be on the table! I had doubts when I stood up. However since the show was audacious, I rose anyway.”

 “对于表演艺术感兴趣的我来说有扮演的感觉,所以脑袋里构建的画面是不一样的。如果自己特别沉浸在里面时,突然让自己跳出来,实际上是需要角色转换的。有时候会觉得自己太沉浸在刚才想象的画面中了。”
“For a passionate performer like me, I felt like acting, so naturally I constructed a different scene in my head. If one fully immerses in it, and suddenly jumped out, it actually meant a role change. Sometimes I felt I had sunk in the imagined scene.”


 “这个作品是连接人与人的一个媒介。人会感到孤独,是因为缺乏连接。而孤独是种假象,当我们和宇宙万物有了连接的感觉,孤独的感觉就被打破。”
“This theatre work is a media that connects people. People feel lonely because they lack connections. But loneliness is an illusion. The moment when we are connected to the nature, the loneliness would be broken.”


    由伦敦艺术家安特·汉普顿(Ant Hampton)和希尔维亚·麦丘利亚导演,原名Etiquette(礼仪)。它将于2015年6月15-28日在北京鼓楼东大街的 Zarah咖啡馆中文演出,由观众自己来完成。它至今已完成10余种语言的版本演出,其杰出的创意和对人性心理的敏锐洞察,获得英国卫报和纽约时报的星级评论与观众赞誉。中文普通话版由曾任北京蓬蒿剧场创意总监的梁丹丹于香港制作完成并在北京首演。它探索了戏剧的全新的表演形式:观众将亲身进行互动表演,视听或道具提示会引导观众的言行,而观众只需要简单地按令行动,就可以自行完成一场完美地演出。

About Etiquette
Etiquette is a half-hour experience for two people in a public space. There is no-one watching, other people in the cafe are not aware of it. You wear headphone which tell you what to say to each other, or to use one of the objects positioned to the side. There is a kind of magic involved - for it to work you just need to listen and respond accordingly. Some say it's good to do this with someone you know,someone to share this with. Others say it works well with a stranger.

Etiquette exposes human communication at both its rawest and most delicate and explores the difficulty of turning our thoughts into words we can trust. A young girl and an old man lead the participants into several micro-situations, often borrowed from film or theatre, wherein the private worlds shared between two people split and reform incessantly.

Following their innovative stage works (Doublethink, Five in the Morning) involving instructions to unrehearsed performers, Rotozaza here invite the audience to try it themselves. Etiquette offers the fantasy of speaking with someone without having to plan what you say, and the resulting thrill of disowning responsibility in a performance situation. Conversation is shown to be a kind of theatre whereby 'audience' and 'actor' roles are imperceptibly assumed and exchanged.


    “自动剧场”系列开端于 2007年的首个作品Etiquette,原意“礼仪”,即《相请不如偶遇》, 由此探索了一种全新的表演形式:观众亲身进行互动表演;视听或文字提示会引导参与者的言行。参与者只需要简单地按令行事,表演便开始了。与即兴表演类的剧场或电视游戏节目不同的是,观众不需要反应极其灵敏或极具创造性,也不会像竞赛中一样设定榜样。 我们可以这样定义:除了参与者之外没有其他的观众。 自行运作:整个作品除了参与者之外没有其他演员和人力投入。每一部“自动剧场”作品都是开启一系列自发表演的“开关”。

About Autoteatro (Auto theatre)

Autoteatro series, which began in 2007 with Rotozaza’s ‘Etiquette’, explores a new kind of performance whereby audience members perform the piece themselves, usually for each other. Participants are given instruction via audio, visual cues or text for what to do or say.
By simply following these instructions an event begins to unfold. Not to be confused with gaming (or ’game show’-like improvisation), Autoteatro does not ask audience members to be clever or inventive, neither does it set up instances of competition.

It’s also possible to define it as: Not involving any ‘audience’ beyond the participants themselves.
Functioning automatically: there are no actors or human input during the work other than the participants. An Autoteatro work is a‘trigger’for a subsequently self-generating performance.

观看纽约时报采访录像请点击 / You can see a New York Times VIDEO  https://vimeo.com/120873104



时间/Dates:     6.15—19 and 6.22—26, 14:00-21:30 每天八场 / 8 times per day
                       6.20,21,27,28, 12:00-16:30 每天五场 /5 times per day
地点Venue:       Café Zarah 鼓楼东大街46号 / No. 46 Gu Lou east street
乘车/ By Bus:   107/124小经厂站 (Xiao Jing Chang Hutong)
票价/ Ticket price:   150RMB 含一杯饮料(Including one free drink)
Pay attention Please:Each performance last 30 minutes, two people play together, 10% off if you buy two tickets, you need to confirm by email: etqchina@126.com






购票渠道/ How to buy tickets

1.豆瓣购票/ Dou Ban website:http://site.douban.com/penghao/

2.邮件购买折扣票/ 10% off for two tickets/ 9折双人票或无豆瓣账号可邮件订票/ 9折预订邮箱/ email us for your discount:etqchina@126.com
支付宝:etqchina@126.com 梁丹丹

3.现场购票/ Buy tickets at Penghao Theatre:请提前一天到蓬蒿剧场现场购票/
  Please come to buy ticket at least one day before your show.

取票方式/ How to get your tickets

1.请您到蓬蒿现场取票/Please come to Penghao Theatre to get your tickets
2.请您在演出前至少半个小时以上,到达Zarah Coffee,凭豆瓣预订的验证码换票/Please arrived at Performance venue Café Zarah at least half hour ago, and  show your verification code( from Dou Ban website) to get your ticket.



特别提醒/ Pay Attention

It has to be completed by two people, so each of you have to be arrival on time.

If you couldn’t make it on time, please call:13601004120



订票邮箱现已更正,请原来发送到etqchina@qq.com的朋友重新发送预订信息到etqchina@126.com 非常抱歉给您带来的不便!





Etiquette  / 相请不如偶遇

A Rotozaza Production   伦敦Rotozaza剧场作品   
By Ant Hampton & Silvia Mercuriali   由安特·汉普顿和希尔维亚·麦丘利亚导演
Artistic production management by Katja Timmerberg   由卡特娅·蒂默伯格艺术管理 
Original English Version funded by Arts Council England, produced by Paul Bennun   英文原版由保罗·伯努恩制作, 英格兰艺术文化委员会资助

Mandarin Version

Co-director: DanDan Liang
Translation: Jennifer Zhang
翻译: 张萃
Sound edit: Sting Wei
Voices: Lui Si Lan, Wang Wei, Sting Wei, DanDan Liang
Graphic Design: Dynamic Wang, Tsui Hiu Man Stephy
平面设计:汪圆清 、徐晓雯
Photographer:Yang Yu-fei
摄影师: 杨宇飞
Produced by: DanDan Liang
Assistant of producer: Zhang Xiaoye
Promotion team: Liu Sha, Zeng Yang, Yan Ci





鸣谢/ Special Thanks
香港话剧团 Hong Kong Repertory Theatre
香港演艺学院 Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
高安雅 Ms Antonia Collins
庄继滔 Mr Christopher Johns
麦皓云 Mr James Mcgowan
梁子麒 Marble Leung
张  影 Zhang Ying


Exclusive Venue Sponsor: Café Zarah (Beijing)

Promotion Video Venue Support: Living Art Café (Hong Kong)

2015,The 6th Beijing NLGX Performing Arts Festival-Changing the public landscape